Fresh, locally grown Food

We're growing fresh, healthy vegetables, salad and even some fruit at our 1-acre site based on Northdown Orchard, where the land has been farmed organically for 25 years.  Our seeds are in the ground, our young plants are growing as fast as they can and some of our crops are now ready to harvest!  Until we have the full range we will be supplementing our bags with veg, salads and some fruit from other organic growers, as local as we can find.

What We Offer

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Small £12.75, 7 items, small portions

Medium £15.75, 8 items, medium portions

Large £19.75, 10 items, large portions

Extra Large £23.75, 12 items, extra large portions

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Friday 5th June

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Potatoes, new season onions, carrots, beetroot, fresh coriander, fresh parsley, mangetout peas, turnips, rainbow chard, little gem lettuce, butterhead lettuce, Spanish lemons, strawberries, spring greens, fresh garlic, broad beans

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